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Juventus - Then and Now

Juventus - Then and Now

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When Juventus opened their brand new stadium in 2011 they chose Notts County to be their first opponents.

They did so because of an historic bond between the two teams which goes all the way back to 1903 when Juve received black and white Notts County kits and adopted the famous colours as their own.

The very earliest pictures of Juventus show the team wearing a pink shirt with black tie though and it's those colours doing the star turn as the 'Then' figure in our Juventus - Then and Now Framed Subbuteo.

By pairing together Juve's two iconic kits we have created a unique piece of football memorabilia perfect for Juventus fans of all ages.

Key Product Info

  • Frame measures 20cm x 20cm
  • Depth of frame allows it to stand on any flat surface
  • Rear fixture allows for easy wall hanging
  • Features two Subbuteo figures
  • ‘Then’ figure in pink Juventus kit as worn in the late 19th century
  • ‘Now’ figure in iconic black and white Juventus kit
  • Subbuteo figures sit on a green background
  • Finished with a white surround
  • Glass front
  • Please note all Framed Subbuteo pieces are put together by hand and may vary slightly from the photos shown
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