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Wales - Kits Through the Years

Wales - Kits Through the Years

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Wales is a nation that punches well above its weight in very many sports.

The Welsh national football team has always contained some high-quality players and in recent years their qualification for major international tournaments has delighted all Welsh football fans.

We have celebrated that recent success as well as Wales' footballing history with our Wales - Kits Through the Years pieces of Framed Subbuteo.

Key Product Info

  • Frame measures 20cm x 20cm
  • Frame stands on any flat surface
  • Rear fixture allows for easy wall hanging
  • Features six Subbuteo figures in different Wales kits on a green background
  • Frame finished with handwritten title on white surround
  • Please note all Framed Subbuteo pieces are put together by hand and may vary slightly from the photos shown
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